What We Do

BUSINESS THAT IS BUILT ON expertise, TRUST and knowledge.

GM AGRO sources, secures, distributes, stores, monitors and facilitates the agricultural process from start to finish.

We realize farm to table food production by leveraging trusted relationships with agricultural producers across the globe and ushering their goods through our efficient and secure processes.

Along the way, we ensure the highest quality standards are met and maintained. We stake our reputation on it.

GM AGRO acquires quality tested product at the source: farms in locations around the globe. We assume control of the goods and facilitate their journey to their destination. This includes any necessary customs paperwork, transport logs, etc.

Our risk management process begins at the inception of the product’s journey- at the source. We protect all of the goods we handle with great attention to detail, dynamic preventative procedures, and a sense of responsibility to both the source and the end customer.

Sourcing the product

GM AGRO ensures safe packaging for shipment in a variety of containers specifically suited to the product and deliver it to the port by truck or train. It is crucial to avoid losses on damaged or mishandled products. Therefore, it’s worth our time to perfect the process of packaging a wide range of produce.

We make it our business to develop secure ways to prepare goods for the supply chain and follow the best post-harvest treatment procedures at all times. The difference between the right and wrong way to handle food products could be costly damage and spoilage. Not on our watch.


Each shipment is tested before loading onto the vessel for dispatch and all export formalities are met. These steps can easily feel overwhelming but we meet these needs for customers every day. GM AGRO is comfortable in an expert management role during inspection and dispatch.

We continue to maintain proper risk management actions for quality control and safety through the customs and loading process. All the goods we handle receive the same high level of care the entire time they’re in our possession.

Inspection and dispatch

The products are then transported by sea to their destination, still under the GM AGRO supervision and care of our skilled professional partners. All goods are safely secured in the right packaging to ensure a successful journey. We are continually proud of the excellent condition our products arrive in.

We exert high levels of control over shipping goods so you can have peace of mind about the products you are receiving from GM AGRO.


When the product arrives at its destination, GM AGRO ensures the product clears customs and is dispatched and delivered to the client’s production facility or warehouse for storage. We’re as familiar with import conditions and requirements as we are with export procedures.

Risk management tactics and strategies are still followed as long as the product is within our supply chain. We prepare at every step of the way to ensure a seamless transition of goods from the source to your facility.

Warehousing and import formalities

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Efficient Execution

GM AGRO strives for excellence in the execution of all of our business processes. We focus on quality work and client satisfaction and we achieve this by paying attention to details and efficient execution.

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Experience and Innovation

We use the skills acquired through our experience to exceed our clients' existing and future needs. Every trade inquiry is valued as a new business opportunity to ensure we meet the expectations of all clients we do business with.

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Respectable Reputation

GM AGRO earned our trusted reputation by delivering excellence and always honoring our commitments with clients and the many facets of our supply chain.

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Pinnacle Partnerships

We connect grain and oilseed producers and consumers around the globe through origination and trading. We value open relationships and communication based on integrity, cooperation, transparency and mutual benefit with our people, customers, suppliers, governments and society.